Letting go of Anger to Heal & Free Liver Qi

Anger can be such a driving force for many of us. It spurs action where there was once inaction. It ignites a fire from within to spark change. It has its purpose. However, when anger takes over in ways that we cannot control, it plants seeds of hatred and indifference becoming a problem for the mind, body, and spirit.

Our mind (Shen, as it's known in Chinese Medicine) is a reflection of our inner constitution. Patterns of thought reflect patterns of strength, weakness, and imbalance within the framework of our energetic body. The emotion of ANGER is a related to the free flow of Liver Qi/ energy. It can be very beneficial like I stated before. For example, when I have my son take a time out he may choose to get angry. This opens up a pathway of communication for us to discuss why he ended up in time out and reveals to him a way to keep from going to time out by not doing whatever got him to that point. Vague example maybe. But If I were to place him in time out and he be happy with it or the reflection on his actions were not established there would be no action taken on his part to correct his behavior. Another example would be anger about legislations passed or not passed driving someone to petition or even run for political office to help make a difference and be a voice of change. These are examples of anger invoking change, movement, and action. When anger becomes a prevalent emotional state it has detrimental effects on our shen/ mind. This continual anger creates irritability, restlessness, insomnia, paranoia,and has a strong ability to cloud our judgment when it comes to taking appropriate action.

Our body is second in line to reap the repercussions of long term underlying anger. As the "Liver Qi Stagnates" and does not move freely throughout the body our blood circulation is also inhibited. Physical signs of Liver Qi stagnation are cold hands and feet (lack of circulation), heaviness and pressure under the rib cage(lack of circulation), disfunction of tendons and joints (lack of nourishment from lack of blood flow), weakness in nails, premature balding, and dryness of our eyes (LACK OF CIRCULATION!).

Once we see our emotions begin to manifest physically this is when most of us choose to take action. The mental emotional state of an individual is usually overlooked or isolated, categorized and separated from the physical symptoms. This can be the MISSING LINK in uncovering the root cause of chronic illness.

Letting go of deep underlying emotional states isn't always easy but there are steps that can be taken to uncover these patterns in order to begin to address and overcome such self destructive emotions. The first is HONESTY with yourself. Being honest with yourself about what you truly want out of any given situation. Honesty with others about your expectations and needs. FORGIVENESS of self for being imperfect, for making mistakes, or for creating an undesired circumstance. RELENTLESS SELF DIRECTED LOVING KINDNESS no matter what. This is what truly heals the Soul.

As for healing the body STRETCH and move the muscles and tendons, walk to increase circulation and ground yourself with the energy of the earth, EAT THE PROPER FOODS that align with your constitution and promote health, and if you still feel stuck TRY ACUPUNCTURE and HERBAL MEDICINE to establish balance throughout the body both physically and energetically.

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