Beat The Bugs This Summer!

In Florida we are no strangers to the the subtropical elements; the wind, rain, heat, rain, humidity, and BUGS...(did I mention rain?) I LOVE Florida don't get me wrong I am a native born and raised. So I have found ways to adapt and overcome aside from staying indoors.

In 2016 while pregnant with my second son I did feel a little trapped indoors by the Zica outbreak that occurred in south Florida. It was encouraged especially for pregnant women to use bug spray every time you went outdoors (even to check the mail) and the 305 felt like a forbidden zone. Being pregnant I didn't want to take any chances and over using DEET was just not something I was willing to do. I limited my time out doors and therefore my oldest sons (3yr old at the time). I must admit we got little cabin feverish. I enjoy the outdoors very much and so do my sons. Even on the hot days we love to go swimming and play in the shade.

In order to provide my family a natural defense against the mosquitos that were inevitable I researched natural ingredients for bug sprays that REALLY WORK. I formulated a spray that smelled good, felt good, and kept us bite free. I also came across other effective natural methods for eliminating pesky bugs like piss ants (aka sugar ants) from the kitchen, red ants from the yard, and white flys from the shrubs around the house. I have put these together for you here and it will surprise you the simplicity and low cost of the ingredients that will give you a huge advantage this summer over the bugs.

Happy & Healthy Summer, Christal DeHay, AP

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